Guide to Wedding Music

Choosing your wedding music can be as simple or involved a process as you make it. Many of our brides carefully select every piece, from the prelude to the postlude and everything in between. On the other hand, we also have many brides who have a few recommendations but leave it to our expertise to fill in the blanks. The main thing to keep in mind when selecting your music is the mood of the wedding. Many brides opt for a very traditional feel, with a very formal gown and all the trimmings. Others may see themselves swaying down the aisle to a folksy wedding mood. Still other brides like to push the envelope with edgier pop songs scattered throughout the ceremony. Most of you will find that you are somewhere in the middle of all these options, and you will have the most to gain by using our sound clips to help tailor a ceremony to meet your unique musical needs. Once you know the general feel of your wedding, though, we can go from there in helping you select songs. Which of these general moods best describes your dream wedding?

Click on the category below that best describes your vision or simply piques your curiosity. Most importantly, have fun and be yourself! Music for your wedding should never be a source of stress. If you feel overwhelmed or don't really care that much what music is played, we'll handle it. This is YOUR day, and we want to do whatever we can to make it beautiful!

For the very traditional bride, there are still some choices to make. Keep in mind that many of these songs can work in several different places in the program. Here's our list of recommendations for each aspect of the ceremony...

What is classy but classical? If you want a classy ceremony with a little less of the traditional element, we have a great selection of non-traditional yet beautiful classical pieces to choose from.

We have a wide range of American music from the 20th century, whether it's old music or just sounds like it, we have what you need to fit your modern-vintage chic wedding.

For those of you who can't see your princess day without some of your favorite Disney Classics, we have what you want!

For those of you who like earthier tunes, we have some beautiful stuff! Many of the tunes we have will work well at several different places within the program, so you'll see some repeats throughout. Also, we can do arrangements of any of your favorite folk tunes even if they're not listed in our repertoire, so have fun!

So you don't want the all-Disney wedding or a mix of broadway and pop songs, but you do want to add a little bit of spice to the music on your big day. Why not try to add a fun, quirky recessional following a very traditional classical wedding? Some brides have even planned a surpise recessional, with the groom's favorite song! We've done everything from favorite cartoon theme songs (like the Simpsons!) to the Alma Mater's fight song (ie. Rocky Top). If one or more members of the wedding party or family are servicemen, consider adding their song in there somewhere as well. Other ways to make the ceremony uniquely yours include adding in an old favorite hymn or folk tune. Many brides ask a friend or relative to sing or perform a solo during the ceremony. There are innumerable ways to make the ceremony your own, and don't forget that if there's a song you want that's not listed on our repertoire page, we can do a custom arrangement!

If none of the above choices described the mood you're going for with your ceremony, don't worry! With such a wide range of selections, we can accommodate whatever feel or mood you desire. Don't forget that we can do custom arrangements of songs not listed in our repertoire, but we do need at least a month's notice before your big day for these requests to make sure it's perfect! The most important thing to remember is that this is YOUR day. Don't stress too much about the music! Go with your gut. Tell us what you like, and if you're too overwhelmed by all the choices, let us do the work! We'll put together a program of music to fit your unique needs.