Why Adonia?

We love playing as a trio. Here are some of the benefits to hiring us for your wedding music or event entertainment.

  • If you so desire, we will meet with you to discuss your musical selections free of charge.
  • If you don't see a song on our repertoire that you really want, we may still be able to play it for you.  We take requests for custom arrangements on a case-by-case basis--there may be a fee associated with this, see our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.
  • Our custom arrangements are some of our best music and are completely unique to our group. We've each poured our hearts and souls (not to mention hours on end of work!) into writing our own arrangements of many beloved pieces of music. These arrangements are our babies and we love writing and playing them!
  • Our repertoire is vast and ever-expanding.
  • We have all had extensive training in our respective instruments.
  • We are less expensive than a string quartet.
  • We take up less space than a string quartet.
  • We have a sense of humor.
  • We are very professional.
  • We have plenty of audio samples and we add more on a regular basis! You can hear what we really sound like before you hire us.
  • We record and produce our own sound clips. We do not go to a fancy studio and have sound technicians edit, tweak, and dress it up to sound nice. Professional sound mixers certainly have their place, but not in producing misleading audio clips for us!
  • We are balanced and tight as an ensemble because of years of experience playing with each other.
  • We are diverse and versatile in our experience and expertise.
  • We love what we do and it shows.
  • Have you seen our Wedding Music Guide!?
  • Our audio samples are really US playing. No studio tricks or links to other groups' sound clips. What you hear on every single audio clip on this website is really and truly The Adonia String Trio. Many of the clips are even recorded live during a wedding. What you hear is what you get- no deception or misleading clips to be found here! We would never do that to you.
  • We play a variety of music and some songs that other groups wouldn't dream of playing (and definitely couldn't find the music for). We are willing to try new things and step outside of the "normal" repertoire of a string group.
  • We are NOT your average string group.